Affordable Enrichment Classes for Toddlers in Singapore

As you ponder which enrichment class is good for your toddler, you must also consider how much it will cost you to enroll your baby. Most classes are expensive, especially as classes handle toddlers that have been entrusted to them by their parents.

That does not mean that parents with a low budget cannot find an enrichment class that fits their economic situation. This article focuses on enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore that are affordable for those on a low budget. Even though they are cheaper, your toddlers will still benefit from in-depth and quality care at toddler enrichment classes in Singapore.

Baby Signs

This class for toddlers offers sign language classes for hearing babies for as low as $30 per class. If you study babies, you will notice that they try to communicate with their moms through non-verbal means like crying and smiling.

These classes will focus on helping babies with songs and stories on how to utilize these means of communication. They have locations spread out through the country.

Chengzhu Mandarin Centre

Since 2012, Chengzhu Mandarin Centre creates a wholly Chinese environment where children and their families can be immersed in both language and culture, ensuring holistic, meaningful and long lasting learning experiences.

The name “Chengzhu” comes from the Chinese idiom “xiong you cheng zhu” (to have an image of bamboo in one’s mind), which illustrates the confidence that good preparation can bring when taking on new challenges. The word “cheng” also signifies growth. We chose the name “Chengzhu” because we aim to help our learners develop the tenacity and strength exemplified by bamboo.

Our toddler enrichment classes and programmes are held in a nurturing environment to immerse students in Chinese language and culture, enabling them to develop a strong foundation in Mandarin and build the confidence to master the language – just as bamboo initially emerges as a fragile shoot and then grows tall and strong in fertile soil.

Act International Drama

Their main teaching aid is drama and can help your children develop self-confidence even before they grow older.  It is for toddlers ages 18 months to 36 months and it goes for just $28 per class.

Your child can even graduate from this class and take up acting as a career later in life.

Vivo Kinetics

This is an enrichment class that focuses on physical conditioning using simple sports for just 30 per class. Toddlers from 20 months old can be enrolled. They help your toddler develop their muscles, stamina, and speed. They will be taught simple games like tennis, basketball and soccer.

Musical Monkeys

This main teaching aid in this class is music and will gradually help your toddler start learning musical instruments like the piano and guitar.

Kids as young as 3 months old can be enrolled but they will have to attend the class together with their mom. They will play the instrument with their babies.

Happy Fish Swim School

As the name suggests, this enrichment class is poised to help your toddlers learn how to learn water survival skills and eliminate the fear of water in them even at a very young age. Toddlers as young as 4 months can be enrolled. They are taught how to float in water, move around water, and dive and exit the water.

To ease your assumed anxiety, there is well-trained personnel to help coach toddlers enrolled. They are also trained to prevent mishaps as well as handle one if it happens. So you don’t need to be scared to enroll your toddler.