How to Choose the Best Toddler-Friendly Enrichment Program

One common idea that all enrichment classes in Singapore and the world over promote is to help toddlers build a strong literacy and language foundation. They achieve these by starting them up with playgroups where interactive activities like music and dances are the major teaching aids.

If your toddler is going to unlock the door of learning, they need a strong foundation. So it is imperative for you to find a class that will offer your toddlers a fun environment with the right teaching tools.

As a parent, you are particularly concerned with the hands you entrust your babies as well as acquiring the skills you want. Hence, we have rounded up a list of tips that will help you make an informed decision on enrolling for toddler enrichment classes.

Useful Tips and Factors to Consider

Here are some factors you need to consider before choosing an enrichment class for your babies.

Understand your child’s interests

having played with your toddler from infancy to about a year old, you no doubt would have mastered what things and activities interest them. You know what they enjoy doing and what they obviously do not appreciate. It is like you have understood their strengths and weaknesses. Before selecting a class for your toddler, choose classes that promote activities that interest them and not activities that feature activities they do not appreciate.

Consider skills you expect or want your toddler to develop

If you have noticed that your toddler is trying to mumble any words they hear, it may suggest that they might be an avid reader. So, why not enroll them in an enrichment class that will help them develop them. If they are developed in this way, transition into preschool will be very easy. What if you have a shy toddler? You can try to help them get out of that shell by enrolling them in an enrichment class that will promote theatre programs. This will help them build confidence and eventually start expressing.

Be open and realistic

It is most likely that what is taught in the class will eventually form a large part of your toddler’s childhood. If you are French by birth and you will like for your toddler to be adept at speaking that language, you need to start speaking it to them at home. Especially is this true if you live in a country that has English as their first language? Understand that more English will be spoken in such classes because of other toddlers enrolled, with which it is expected that interaction will happen.

Do your own research

before you enroll your toddler in any enrichment class, find out certain things about such class. If the class has a website, go and read about their curriculum and goals. If possible, ask if you can watch how teachers and toddlers already enrolled interact and ponder over what you want for your toddler. If it matches, then it’s a signal that you can enroll your toddler in such classes.