Enrichment Activities for Growing Curious Toddlers

child hands holding colourful crayons

Since the independence of Singapore in 1965, it has developed an excellent education system. Although a small and multi-ethnic nation, the Singaporean government has strategically invested in education to develop the national human capital. These involve early childhood care education for learners of different age groups.

The problem is that for some, the school programs may be insufficient. This causes a lack of attention as they do not feel any challenge. This is where the parents need to get their kids into enrichment classes.

These classes are divided into several groups such as babies, preschoolers, and primary school kids. They cover extensive activities for toddlers to grow their interests and nurture their latent talent. Getting there, the child takes part in many toddler activities from bubble gymnastics to play-base phonics, music, swimming, group dancing, singing, outdoor programs, cooking, playing, and many more. Thus, the kids learn how to engage the five senses. Moreover, these boost up their creativity and also improve their social and communication skills. As a result, future Singaporean citizens become happy, successful, and responsible.

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These Fun-Filled Enrichment Classes Help Kids Discover Their Talents

Children have the right to learn the things that interest them! And, there can be no second opinion about that.

As a kid, they must learn how to be social and also engage all the senses to know the world better. This gives the best results when done in fun-filled ways. However structured the school programs could be, those are, more or less, stereotyped.  As a result, kids may not find it interesting, suffer from boredom, lack attention, and ultimately falls behind. This is not an ideal situation and the kids can never benefit from attending schools only.

The enrichment classes follow interactive learning methods. The programs are so designed that they get the chance to have challenging and thought-provoking activities for toddlers. It gives a nice start for their growth and development and they become successful in whatever they do.

These classes extend beyond traditional school studies. They include several games and physical activities to make them fit and healthy. Besides, they also learn arts, crafts, music, mandarin, etc to develop their hidden talents.

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Babies & Toddlers Get More Than Parental Care Here

The early years of the babies and toddlers are extremely important to have a contented and rewarding later life.

No matter what their ethnicity, all Singapore children deserve a positive experience in enhancing their love for learning and nurturing their holistic development.

As a parent, you might be wondering what your little darling could need more than parental love and care.  Yes, there is a lot you can do. Get them in the enrichment classes for ensuring their growth and development.

When the kids are forced to learn for learning’s sake, it does not yield anything beyond monotony and repugnance. There are many enrichment classes licensed by ECDA in Singapore. They conduct various fun-filled and interactive classes for kids from 0 to 7 years.

As your babies and toddlers participate in those classes, they develop unique social, collaborative, and communication skills. These classes cover many disciplines like music & singing, learning mandarin in weekend programs, swimming, ballet & other dances with wonderful music and movement. Besides these, they also conduct yoga classes accentuating their movements.

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